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Create Engagement and a Sense of WOW for Your Business in Seconds
90 seconds explainer video
3 weeks delivery
    • Your own custom 24/7 sales video
    • 2 revisions per stage of the production process
    • Money back guarantee if you're still not satisfied with the result
    Boost Your Sales and Engage Your Audience with a Potent Explainer Video
    "I found working with Swift Explainer Videos to be a very pleasant and impactful process. What I enjoyed about them is how they kept challenging me to do a better job by asking questions that really made the final video relevant and engaging.  That's not something most production houses can do.  I also appreciated the speed and frequency of iterations. Henrik has a solid team."
    -Jeremy Epstein , CEO Never Stop Marketing
    What Makes Video so Great?
    Get Noticed - Be Seen
    We work hard to deliver you a unique product. Generic solutions don’t cut it for us. You want the best and to stand out from the competitors. A sales video makes sure your audience remembers you and your story in this hectic world.
    Bring Any Concept to Life
    No matter what product, process or idea you want to explain, animated video gives you the capability to form your message just the way you want it. We’ll help you with that of course.
    Cuts Through the Digital Noise
    90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This means one of the smartest things you can do is making sure you have an explainer video to promote your brand and products.  With a tailor made explainer video you can be sure your message gets across in the ether.
    Physiologically Appealing
    Moving images are very appealing to the human brain, and this extends to animated video which connects your audience to your story and makes them LOVE you.
    Cost Effective
    Is your marketing budget limited this year?
    Trust us. You’ll end up spending significantly less for animated video than live action. And you still get the benefit of a killer marketing tool.
    Your 24/7 Sales Machine.
    What if you could have a 24/7 sales rep that never stops selling your product? It never gets tired and delivers the same high converting pitch every time. Don Draper would surely kill for such a tool.
    Scales With Your Business.
    When your business scales and brings the profits you want, an animated project is very easy to scale and expand to suit your new marketing goals. Animated videos are very flexible and can be reedited easily if needed. We keep all assets and production material secure for easy access.
    Simple Process
    We are here to make it easy for you. We’ll communicate clearly and guide you through the whole process from initial consultation through production and final delivery.
    The Facts
    90% of online shoppers at a major retailer's website, said they find video helpful in making shopping buying decisions. (ComScore)
    Using video in email marketing campaigns increased revenue by 400%. (Relevancy Group)
    Users are 64% more likely to make a purchase or inquiry if a website has video. (ComScore)
    80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.
    (Online Publishers Organization)
    Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad.
    (Online Publishers Organization)
    Step 1 - Consultation & Strategy
    We will get together and discuss your needs. We’ll ask you some key questions, do some research on our side and work endlessly until we truly understand your brand and how we can tell your story in the best way possible.
    Step 2 - Script Writing
    A script that highlights and pinpoints your business's unique qualities is key. Our script writers will study your business and services, to find your key areas of importance. The script will be built in order to sell more of what you offer in a very effective and engaging way.
    Step 3 - Voice Over
    The script will be given life by a voiceover that suits your niche and preferences. We can deliver any voice or language you need. The right voiceover will direct and deliver your message so that people remember you!
    Step 4 - Storyboard & Animation
    We will get together and discuss your needs. We’ll ask you some key questions, do some research on our side and work endlessly until we truly understand your brand and how we can tell your story in the best way possible.
    Step 5 - Audio & Music
    To finish things off we will add some simple and effective sound effects, as well as a professional music track that sets the tone for the video. 
    Step 6 - Delivery
    That's it! Your glorious new video is ready for the world to see!
    We will render it to you in HD, and give you tips on how to implement it on your website or other places, as well as sharing it on social media so everyone can see your new shiny armor!
    - We Believe In What We Do -
    We truly believe in our product. That’s why we don't hesitate to offer a money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied 14 days post delivery, just let us know and we’ll refund you in full.
    A fantastic final product. They put together something that came out so great, I couldn't have imagined it. They're wonderful to work with. Can't recommend enough!"
    Jason Fieber , Founder and Publisher Mr . Free at 33
    Our Story
    We at SwiftExplainerVideos have always been passionate about the capabilities of new technologies and its potential to change how we humans interact, do business, and live our lives.

    The world is obviously moving at a high speed these days. Reaching out with your message becomes harder every day as the digital noise increases. Even though we have every imaginable tool available to connect with each other, people have never felt as lonely as they do today.

    Businesses are in the end nothing more than a group of people, working together towards a shared goal. SwiftExplainerVideos want to help businesses tell their story, because we believe that is a step towards people sharing theirs.
    About Us
    We produce high quality sales videos that help struggling businesses increase their conversions even if they are terrible at marketing.

    In under 90 seconds you can share your story, explain your product and create an emotional connection to your customer which makes them remember you.

    Swift Explainer Videos works with both small and big businesses that want to increase their conversions, clarify their message or explain a product in an engaging way.
    Don't Wait
    90 seconds explainer video
    50% upfront - 50% at project completion
    Let's Connect
    Phone: 1 (551) 333 18 08
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